The no fixed address tour.

The "no fixed address tour" Just three years ago my twenty year stint manufacturing leather luggage, hand bags and accessories came to an end. It was time for the younger generation to take the reins. I was turned out to the long paddock to spell for an indefinite period of time. It seems I became too grumpy and finally lacked the ability to sew a straight line. My thoughts were to travel so I purchased a small camper and headed off into the bush. .I was in the Goondiwindi area and heard that the local show was on so I rang Jock at the factory and ask that he send a small range of our products so I could set up a display and see how they went. I made the necessary arrangements with thee show committee and purchased several trestle tables and some hessian for the display. In the mean time I found I was a bit lonely as my faithful blue healer dog had recently passed away so I made inquiries at the local saddlery and was advised there was a red healer pup for sale. On the off chance that the pup would be suitable I drew a few hundred from the bank to take with me. Oh dear, it was love at first sight. Soon I was the proud owner of an twelve week old puppy I named Sass. So Sass and I launched ourselves into the show world and found we loved every minute of it, we even won the best exhibit award at our first show which was a bit of a buzz. The show was very successful and we sold lots of products so I placed another order with Jock and headed off to Roma, the next show on the run heading north. This seemed to be the life I was after, still involved with the company promoting and selling our products as well as traveling all over Australia and meeting all sorts of characters at the same time. Sass proved to be a bit of a handful at times especially chewing up my phone charger and anything else she found laying about. Going through that puppy faze again certainly put me to the test and there times when I wondered whether it was worth it but the good times far outweighed the bad so we battled on together each trying to gain and hold the high ground. The following show was again successful so I made further bookings through western Queensland all the way to Mount Isa. What a fantastic Life. Until next time. Steve and Sass.

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  • Hedy Pardey

    so much good info. here accompanied by superb photos. It’s like dipping into a box of chocolates. One wants to keep coming back for more…..the freedom and flexibility of nfa?? serendipity?

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