The Rugged Luxury Gallery features a collection of pictures taken by founding owner Stephen Craigie from his travels of this great land we call home. We hope you enjoy them!

Fortesque River WA 

Blue dog keeping an eye on the ute. 

 Brunette Downs NT

The Maitland River on Karratha Station WA.

Country surrounding Carawine Gorge WA.

Carawine Gorge, East of Marble Bar near the Great Sandy Desert, WA. 

Carawine Gorge. 

Ion ore line near Pannawonica WA. 

Pannawonica Rodeo, shot by Nat. 

Steve and Sass.

Steve, 1967. At Katherine and heading to Mount Sanford VRD. 

Brunette Races NT. 

Brunette Downs camp draft and yards, NT. 

Near Hells Gate in the Gulf. 

Gulf country. 

Prior to the Races, nice and peaceful. 

 Then the crowd arrived, thousands of them.

Night horse paddock, Borraloola NT.

Ben Halls camp drafting rig at Borraloola NT. 

Borraloola Rodeo. 

Borraloola Rodeo. 

Kumbia draft Qld. 

 Harts Range rodeo NT.

Brunette Races. 

Halls Creek rodeo WA. 

Mustering the contract horses Halls Creek WA. 

Kumbia draft QLD. 

 Time for a coldie at Harts Range NT.

 Mustering cattle for the draft. 

Not mine but a great shot in the NT around 1969. 

Friends for life at Ashford draft, NSW. 

Days end, nearly done.

 The Leather workers Jock Ben and Steve Craigie.