Carawine Gorge WA

The Western Australian Pilbara region has many secret spots that require hours behind the wheel if you wish to visit and enjoy them. One such place east of Marble Bar, in fact 250 K’s east on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert is Carawine Gorge.

This is an amazing spot to visit as the trip out into such isolated regions doesn’t prepare you for the impact the views this Gorge has to offer.

Carawine Gorge is the head waters of the Oakover River which runs for two hundred k”s there a bouts and then becomes the De Grey River.

This year recent winter rain falls had the surrounding country looking its best for many years and plenty of deep pools along the river for livestock to water at.


As you reach the edge of the desert country the harshness of the rugged Marble Bar and Nullagine region disappears and is replaced by the softer sandy loam country with less spinifex and far more trees, much easier on the eye and far better cattle country.

The flat top ranges are a feature rising from the flatter country and have far more appeal  than the green stone ranges further west.

The sandy track into the gorge was easy travelling but four wheel drive had to be engaged to cross the deep stony bed of the river and suddenly the views that were hard to imagine appear. I believe the contrast from the harshness of the surrounding plains to the water views and sheer cliffs with plenty of wild life make the impact even greater.

There were quite visitors with their camps set up along the waters edge and during the evening their cooking fires added to the relaxed atmosphere.

Another ten K’s further along the river is Upper Carawine Gorge. The track in turned out to be quite a challenge as it crossed many rocky creeks and at times followed the creek beds with rises in and out that were very steep and tested the Landcruiser as an all terrain vehicle.

My thoughts were that no one else would be camped here but there were, quite a few in fact and more arrived during the next couple of days. No caravans of course but a few sturdy camper trailers were put to the test and one fellow hadn’t engaged four wheel drive to cross the river and had to get out in waist deep water to put the hubs in then continue on his way.

For those who like to get further outback away from the van parks and enjoy the solitude of the the bush and throw a line in the visit Carawine Gorge, it’s well worth the drive.

Until next time.

Steve and Sass.

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  • Fieldy

    Great scenery Steve and very professional narrative…Wesley College schooling???
    Also noticed your camp oven skills have vastly improved…good stuff mate.
    Old mate Fieldy

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